3 Reasons Your New Business Needs Concierge Accounting

Posted on: 12 May 2021

Are you starting a business? Consulting with skilled professionals is one of the most important investments any entrepreneur can make for their new business's success. And one of these trained pros should be a concierge accountant. What can a concierge accountant bring to the table that a standard accountant may not be able to? Here are a few of their most important contributions. 

1. They Can Respond Faster

New business owners make a lot of complex decisions in a short period of time. And they may have little experience or data to go on when making these choices. Most accountants can help with a variety of legal, tax, and financial decisions, but you will share a quality accountant with the rest of an extensive client list.

Concierge accountants, on the other hand, have a slimmed-down clientele so they can devote more work to you when you need it. Do you need advice on a contract you're negotiating, a good deal on a large purchase, the tax consequences of a business move? Your accountant now has the time to get what you need even on short notice. 

2. You Can Use More Services

Concierge accountants often charge a retainer that provides clients with a range of services or even unlimited services during the period. For a new business owner, this means you can pick up the phone and ask questions or brainstorm without worrying as much about fees and appointments. The entrepreneur will be better off with open access and the financial freedom to seek advice whenever they need it. 

3. Your Relationship Is Proactive

For many clients, by the time they work with their accountant, events have already passed. You may, for instance, only meet with your accountant during tax time each year. However, most opportunities to make beneficial changes or to strategize have already passed as the year is now over and deals are done.

Concierge accountants can spend more time with each client planning for things that haven't yet occurred. You might create scenarios for tax and cash flow planning, explore other business entity options, make a business plan for lenders, or learn how to keep your books like a pro. And your accountant gets to know you better so they can better protect your interests too. 

Where to Learn More

Do you think that a concierge accountant could help you get your new company started? Learn more by meeting with a concierge accountant in your state today. Together, you can help ensure that your new venture is the success you want it to be.