4 Things You Can Do If You Owe More Taxes Than You Can Pay

Posted on: 14 March 2017

For many people, tax time is an exciting time where they hopefully get some money back in the form of a tax return. However, that doesn't happen for everyone. If you find yourself owing more money that you can pay right now to the IRS, here are four things that you can do to manage the situation. #1 File Your Taxes On Time The most important thing you can do is file your tax return papers on time.
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3 Ways to Stop the IRS from Garnishing Your Wages for Back Taxes

Posted on: 28 September 2015

When a person owes the IRS money for back taxes, the IRS has the right to come after that person to collect the money. One way the IRS does this is through wage garnishment. If you are facing this issue right now, you should realize there are three good methods to stop wage garnishment from happening. You can look into these options to determine if one might work for you, or you can contact an attorney for help settling this matter.
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