Going To Sell Rental Property? Benefits Of Using A 1031 Exchange

Posted on: 29 July 2021

if you own a rental property and are planning to sell it, you should use a rental property 1031 tax exchange. Below are some benefits of doing this so you will know what to do when you start to sell your rental property. There is also information on what a rental property 1031 tax exchange is. Rental Property 1031 Tax Exchange If you plan to use the money that you make when you sell the rental property to invest the money into another property, a 1031 tax exchange should be used.
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3 Reasons Your New Business Needs Concierge Accounting

Posted on: 12 May 2021

Are you starting a business? Consulting with skilled professionals is one of the most important investments any entrepreneur can make for their new business's success. And one of these trained pros should be a concierge accountant. What can a concierge accountant bring to the table that a standard accountant may not be able to? Here are a few of their most important contributions.  1. They Can Respond Faster New business owners make a lot of complex decisions in a short period of time.
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Self-Employed? Don't Make These 3 Common Tax Mistakes!

Posted on: 28 April 2020

Being self-employed comes with plenty of luxuries, including the ability to set your own schedule and more-or-less be your own boss. However, when you're self-employed, you also face the burden of figuring out your own taxes. Unlike with a traditional employer, who deducts taxes from each paycheck and even keeps track of your income/taxes throughout the year, being self-employed means taking responsibility for this task. If you're relatively new to the world of being self-employed, there are some common tax mistakes that you'll want to be careful to avoid.
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Considering Living Abroad? Here's What You Need To Know About Paying Taxes

Posted on: 4 September 2019

There are many reasons why you might consider living in another country while retaining your U.S. citizenship. For example, perhaps you got a job teaching English to children in another country. No matter the reason, it is important to realize that you will likely still need to file and pay your taxes. If you fail to pay your taxes, you could face issues that are best handled by a tax resolution specialist.
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